1. Prepare your work area before doing anything with your fingernails or toenails. Prepare polishing and manicure tools for your desktop. You should also apply an old towel to the surface of your workspace to minimize confusion and prevent discoloration.

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2. Remove the old nail polish from your fingernails and toenails with an acetone-free nail polish remover. This ensures that your new varnish is evenly distributed on your nails and gives you a smooth and flawless look.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent dirt or debris from getting on your nails or nail polish during the manicure.

4. Rub the clear base coat bottle between your hands for about 20 or 30 seconds. This warms the lacquer and removes any bubbles that may have formed inside the bottle.

5. Apply a primer to your nails. Start in the middle of the nail bed and then continue to the sides. Don’t worry about discoloration of the skin with the primer. It’s colorless, so no one notices. Allow it to dry completely before continuing.

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6. Rub the colored lacquer bottle between your hands as in the fourth step.

7. Apply paint to the nails, starting again in the middle of the nail and continuing on the sides. Allow the coat to dry completely before doing anything else.

8. Apply colored varnish a second time if you want a darker shade of nail polish. You can skip this section if you are happy with the tone of your previous coat. Again, allow your nail polish to dry completely before doing anything.

9. Take a bottle of clearcoat and rub it between your hands as in the fourth step.

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10. Apply clear varnish as nail polish. This will protect your nails and toes from cracking and allow your varnish to last for at least another week. Allow this top coat to dry completely.

11. When your topcoat is completely dry, take a piece of cotton wool and wrap it tightly around the end of the orange stick. Dip the cotton head of this stick into the nail polish remover. And then use a stick to remove excess varnish from the skin around the nail. This will give your manicure a sophisticated look.

12. If you wish, you can put stickers and sequins on your nails. Try nail art the way you want it.

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