A coffee table is a vital furniture piece that make a room classy and tasteful. They are much more than just a mere piece of idle furniture but a statement piece of a living room design. Not only is a coffee table an ideal spot to display decora pieces but a storage space to keep many thing such as a favorite book or to keep your snacks on a movie night. It could be a home to board games for kids or a place you have all your favorite magazines.

Coffee table is a central point to have a beautiful theme of the overall living room. A sound environment is key for mental comfort and a center table reflects the zestful design of the room and the style of the decorator has kept in mind.

To start with, here are some basic tips that can help you choose the best table for you.

– You should first take into consideration the existing living room furniture. If you have a traditional decor , opt for wooden coffee table and it should match the rest of wooden furniture. Another traditional choice can be a glass top made with metal or brass.

– If you have a modern decor in place , you can easily find many cubes made of leather, wood, Plexiglas, or even metal. You should make sure that the size is right for the living space.

– If you have a smaller living space , a preferred option is to choose a table with a glass top that will let the light to penetrate and open up the space compare to a solid coffee table.

– Durability is another vital aspect that should be given due consideration while selecting a coffee table. Wine glasses . beer mugs , kids bumping and knocking them easily due to their light weights, coffee mugs rings and scratches all can have an impact , so while purchasing your new coffee table , one should focus on durability as well.

– Portability and Storage is also important factors that should be taken into consideration . Since most people in urban environment live in compact apartments and relocate frequently. Portable tables can be easily folded , packed and transported and therefore can be a top choice for those living in compact spaces.

– Many of us look for coffee tables in branded furniture stores , online catalogues etc , however you should also have a look in local auctions, antique shops and yard sales etc to find that perfect piece.

A hectic day can only be made joyful having a pleasant environment hanging around a coffee table, for years and years it has been a part of our daily routine of our parents and grandparent to have a sweet spot to lounge around. Coffee table gives a graceful look to your room and depicts your styling personality. Hanging around a coffee table with a book in hand gives the greatest pleasure of life.

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