Having a swimming pool in your own backyard means you can enjoy swimming without time constraints. You can swim night and day. However, a nighttime swim may not be a good idea if the pool lights are off.

Lighting in the pool area is for everyone’s safety, whether they are swimming or simply sitting on the deckchairs. Wherever possible, your area and deck should have adequate lighting to keep your area safe and comfortable.

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There are several types, shapes and colors of pool lights that perform different functions. When choosing the right lighting for your pool, there are a few things to consider, such as how you want to light the pool and how many lights you need. It is also important to know the different types of light and their effectiveness and compatibility in water to avoid unnecessary occurrences.

There are a variety of pool lights specially designed to illuminate the indoor and above ground pool. Each form of pool lighting is installed differently.

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Pool lights also have decorative functions. It can have lights of different colors, which when installed in the pool, create a beautiful impression of the pool water, which makes swimming time more exciting.

Indeed, lighting can create different moods in a space. It improves the appearance of the area, giving it an attractive look. And bathing in the pool with colorful and bright lights adds to the excitement of swimming.

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